APIs Simplify Workflows

API stands for "Application Programming Interface" and while it sounds technically imposing, these tools actually simplify the business of coordinating information between two separate systems. At ROC-P we love everything that simplifies workflows!

A Certification Management System (CMS) is a complicated collection of integrated moving parts, and a great CMS puts power into the hands of users and administrators without requiring any technical knowledge. While a quality Certification Management System shouldn't require an advanced degree in computer engineering, it's worth educating yourself on exactly what an API is and what it can accomplish, so you have a full grasp on the functionality at your fingertips.

At its most basic level, an API is a link that allows two different pieces of tech to exchange data. As you already know, data is the lifeblood of any certifying organization. That means any tool that enhances a user's ability to acquire data quickly and with a high degree of accuracy is providing a very valuable service. What's especially useful is that with many API integrations, actions can be executed on one platform without having to sign into multiple applications - a huge potential time-saver. 

Let's take a look at some of the most common uses for an API you will encounter when working with a Certification Management System.

Pulling Members

Do you ever need to provide rosters to external sources? Since one of the primary functions of a certifying board is managing that exact data, then we're going to guess: yes. A custom API, integrated into your CMS can automate this task and facilitate communication between your board and its partner institutions, with all data updated in real-time.

Integrated Exams

Do you administer periodic exams for certification, re-certification, and the like? This is most often completed outside of the Certification management System, but all of this functionality can be pulled together using an API.

And after the exam is complete, imagine if scores from the testing provider and other relevant data could auto-populate into your CMS? That functionality is more than a pipe-dream with the help of an API.

Integrated Fees

Bouncing between different non-communicative programs is how time gets wasted and how costly errors are made. Using an API , your certifying board can directly integrate fee payments into your management system. No more delays in waiting for verifications from a financial institution or waiting for users to send in receipts. Get the job done fast and accurately with an API.

Accurate real-time reporting saves time, money, and hassle, and whether the information is coming into your system from another application or you need to export data, an API is the solution to securely and quickly manage the flow of information.

The developers at ROC-P work directly with certifying boards to customize profitable solutions to technical hurdles. Contact us today to find out how your organization can reach new peaks of performance in as little as four weeks.

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