3 takeaways from ASAE 2018

ROC-P Team at ASAE

The ROC-P team recently attended the ASAE Technology Conference and Expo, outside of Washington D.C. In our discussions with fellow business technology professionals and executives looking for tech solutions, we noticed that the following three issues were at the forefront of attendees' minds.


Associations and certifying boards can be crippled in an instant if their data is compromised. Trustworthy data, in fact, is an association's most valuable asset.

Some organizations believe they are too small to be a target of hackers, scammers, and other bad actors on the internet, but that just isn't the case. Even a small website can be commandeered by a hacker mining bitcoin, which could lead to site slowdowns, unavailability, or massive data usage charges.

Every site is a valuable target to a hacker. One area of particular concern is threats posed by the Internet of Things. Everyday objects like speakers, kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, and more are being outfitted with wireless connections. We heard an example at ASAE of a smart teapot that was in an association office. Once hackers accomplished the simple task of breaking into the teapot, they used this point of entry to gain access to the association's main wifi pass key, and from there they were able to intercept any information passed over that network.

A situation like the one described above can quickly escalate to a point where an association or certifying board's data, potentially decades of work, can be held ransom or irretrievably corrupted. For this reason, it's imperative that associations and boards invest in applications using the most robust security protocols.

Big Data

We have established the primacy of data integrity and protection for successful certifying board and association management. But why does it need to be protected?

So you can utilize it.

Organizations have spent massive amounts of time and energy collecting data, and now technology is catching up to the data volume with quality tools that turn that data into action. High-functioning organizations are using automation, AI, text analytics and other tools in order to dig deeper than ever before into data that can influence strategic thinking and meaningful action.

This data can fuel strategic engagement with an organization's people, which leads to our next trending topic...


Personalized content and communication is fueling success for the modern certifying board or association. These same tools have been used by commercial marketers for several years. With more widespread access to big data, organizations big and small can increase engagement and revenue opportunities by tailoring information distribution specifically for segmented audiences and individuals. Something as simple as a personalized email can have a large impact when someone's inbox is full of anonymous junk, and that personalization can easily be automated with access to big data

Do these new strategies sound appealing, but time-consuming? ROC-P is a comprehensive Certification Management System (CMS) that can streamline your entire workflow, freeing you and your staff to pursue higher-level objectives that grow your organization rather than simply maintaining it.

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