The 5 Most Time-Consuming Tasks for Certifying Organizations

Time-Consuming Tasks

“Board certification is expensive and time-consuming. And it’s almost as much a necessity for practicing medicine today as a medical degree.” - American Osteopathic Board of Preventive Medicine.

This is not a scenario that’s limited to the world of medicine, and those expenses aren’t due to the fact that certifying organizations are swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck in his vault. Many certifying and credentialing bodies are established as not-for-profits, meaning any time and money they save can be applied to improving the experience of their constituents, and serving a greater public good.

It’s imperative for staff and administrators to find every tool available for saving minutes, hours, days, and weeks. These are five of the most time-consuming tasks for a certifying organization:

Apply Yourself

People don’t magically receive certifications and credentials. In fact, they almost always have to complete an application.

Unfortunately, paper applications are not only a massive source of wasted time, they also make it very difficult to maintain data integrity.

When an application is completed on paper, the person filling it out can skip fields, and those blanks ultimately have to be chased down by staff members. And even if an applicant completes the paper application as requested, staff members are often left wasting time deciphering unruly handwriting.

Paper applications are easily damaged and lost, forcing a lengthy recovery process that inconveniences both the applicant and the staff member who must review it.

These applications may require the submission of supporting documents, arriving in the mail at different times, forcing the staff members to spend an inordinate amount of time on document management.

Let’s not forget that a paper application has zero security features. You can’t encrypt or password-protect paper, so every time it leaves a file cabinet or the information is exchanged it risks falling into dangerous and unauthorized hands.

All of these issues can be addressed with a comprehensive cloud-based management system.


Many certifying and credentialing organizations are still using antiquated paper-filing systems. And those who have gone digital often have to navigate multiple non-communicative software platforms to input and analyze their data.

Who can remember where anything is? And whose responsibility is it to reconcile discrepancies between data points entered independently into different platforms? What happens when an employee leaves the organization and their mental map of the data is no longer available?

Finding solutions to those problems takes too much time!

And these issues are often only identified in the lead-up to a board meeting or other important stakeholder event. The staff are then required to waste time cleaning up their information, when they could be analyzing it and developing strategies for institutional growth.

Let's Examine That

Manually scheduling examinations and determining conflicts-of-interest can take months for a large organization that is scheduling an oral exam. This is not an issue for organizations conducting paper exams -- remember in the earlier section how we talked about paper being inefficient and insecure? --- but even the tiniest changes to an oral exam roster creates a chaotic domino effect that requires endless re-configuring. Of course, this chaos can be avoided with the right digital automation solution.

To Be Continued

Many organizations require maintenance of certification (MOC), re-certification, or other forms of continuing education (CE). These requirements mirror the application process in that a manual submission must be managed, clarified, corrected, and then stored in a location that may or may not be secure.

Even if the CE processes are completed over e-mail, there’s still a huge opportunity for information to slip through the cracks.

Automating the submission and tracking of CE records, and the automation of transcript generation, can save staff massive amounts of time and energy. And when these activities are fast and easy for users, they are more likely to remain affiliated with the organization.

Inside Track

Changes of address. Changes in employment location or status. Updates to contact info. Tracking the minute details of people’s lives takes time.

An organization can gain space for its most important activities by empowering the people to update that data themselves, through a single integrated portal.

A well-developed certification management system (CMS) can remind people to keep their profiles accurate, and also generate other custom notifications, like paying dues, or registering for upcoming events.

In fact, a comprehensive CMS can address all of these costly time-wasters. ROC-P is the industry-leading platform to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your organization, thanks to its robust suite of cloud-based tools.

Take a minute today to contact us, so you can save hours next month, weeks next year, and on and on until your organization reaches new peaks of performance.

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