5 Ways to Improve the Credentialing Exam Process

Credentialing Exam Process

A good measure of a certification’s value is the rigor with which candidates are tested and vetted. That means a clear path to elevating the professional reputation of any certifying organization is to elevate the quality of their exams.

If you’re ready to bring your organization to new heights of performance, consider these five strategies for improving certifying exams.

Knock, Knock: Who’s There?

Are your exams being developed and scored by the most qualified individuals in your field? We’re discussing the elevation of your organization’s reputation, so it makes sense to engage the most knowledgeable and respected people in your field when you need to develop and score examinations. They want to protect their own valuable reputations, and can help ensure your exam is held to an exacting standard.

Everything In Its Right Place

A state-of-the art certification management system (CMS) can help you automate scheduling, room assignments, and navigate conflicts-of-interest.

There is a huge time savings when examination logistics are automated, but perhaps the greatest benefit comes from an increase in accuracy.

Many certifying organizations currently use multiple non-communicative systems to manage exam logistics, and this leads to myriad opportunities for human error. One missed keystroke can lead to a domino effect of inaccuracies, throwing off schedules and leading to dissatisfied examiners and candidates.

Minimize the points of data entry and increase your organization’s precision, creating a smooth and seamless exam experience for all involved.

Come Together

Creating a high-quality certifying exam requires the work of many people, often located in different parts of the country, or even the world.

Elevate the quality of your exam by giving item writers and exam reviewers the collaborative tools to discuss and fine-tune their work remotely through an integrated CMS.

An online portal that integrates item writing, review, and gives users the ability to send messages to one another from within the platform can make collaboration fast, easy, and fruitful.

Welcome to Grand Central

Every staff member at a certifying organization can benefit from the centralization of data and functionality. But integrating multiple functions and features into a single program, with a single point of entry, also increases the user experience for all the people who are certified.

Latency decreases when users can go to one spot to register, pay fees, see results, and share those results with interested parties.

And when users are less likely to drag their feet for certification and re-certification, it means the staff spends less time trying to corral the latecomers.

Lock It Up

A meaningful intersection of user experience and organizational reputation is found in the area of security. When you’re looking to increase the quality of your certifying exam, make sure that you are using portals for personal and financial information that utilize the most current security protocols. Establishing trust with your certified individuals can make users more likely to engage with your organization.

You can take incremental steps to improving your credentialing examination process, like hiring higher quality examiners, or increasing the rigor of your questions. Or you can super-accelerate the growth of your organization by purchasing a holistic certification management system that incorporates automation, collaborative tools, centralization, and features high-end security.

That sounds a lot like ROC-P.

Learn more about how we can lead you to new peaks of performance in just a few weeks.

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