Why is Certification Important?

Walk the streets of any major city, and you’ll likely see several restaurants claiming to offer “The World’s Best Cup of Coffee.” The stakes are pretty low when it comes to unsubstantiated claims about coffee expertise – okay, for some people coffee is actually very important. But what about professions where the stakes are much higher?

If you need a bridge to be built, can you trust an engineer’s word that they aren’t going to create a public safety hazard? If you needed a heart transplant, would you trust someone who claimed they are the world’s best cardiac surgeon without investigating that claim even a little?

Professional certifications and credentialing programs are the key mechanisms for a variety of industries to monitor the qualifications and expertise of their practitioners.

Let’s look at the three most important reasons why certification is important.

Learning is the Eye of the Mind

The certification and credentialing exam process is not just a set of hoops to be jumped through. Passing an official exam requires extensive education, and this improves the quality of service an individual is able to provide. Educational requirements are often required for both initial certification, and met on an ongoing basis for Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

The ongoing acquisition of knowledge is necessary to keep current on your industry’s trends and methods. Busy professionals can often get so caught up in the minutiae of doing business that they could easily forget to complete continuing education without the reminder provided by an oversight group, like a certifying board or a credentialing group.

Shared Success

Many credentialing and certification bodies hold regular events where their constituents can meet one another and exchange information. Can’t solve a problem? Lean on one of your fellow credentialed colleagues!

Like any professional association, boards and credentialing organizations may offer additional valuable resources to their people, resources that may be difficult or impossible to obtain for an unaffiliated individual. Certification leads to new opportunities and potential salary increases. For instance, board certified teachers in Alabama received an annual bonus of up to $10,000 in the 2018-19 school year.

Certification is something that pays for itself!

Safety First

Many institutions will only hire credentialed or certified individuals to operate under their umbrellas. This is seen as a necessary step to insulate themselves against lawsuits. If you’re working in an industry that demands certification, you risk missing out on valuable work opportunities when you decide to go it alone.

Many businesses and industries operate under the belief that certification makes it safer to work with a given professional. Depending on the credentialing organization’s reputation and history, they can reasonably bolster a “World’s Best Cup of Coffee” claim. Many consumers also rely on these endorsements for a re-assurance of safety and quality.

Certification can lead to a perception of safety, but the certifying or credentialing organization also needs to be kept safe. A comprehensive Certification Management System (CMS) is the tool that protects the protectors. Innovative technology can make the organization’s data more accessible and more safe.

ROC-P is that innovative solution, a cloud-based Certification Management System that boosts efficiency while utilizing industry-leading security protocols that protect your most valuable assets – your information.

If you’re running an organization, you probably already know that certification is valuable. But if you want to increase the value of your credentialing body, then you need to contact ROC-P today. We can bring your organization to new peaks of performance in as few as 4 weeks!

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