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“We didn’t know we wanted it until we saw it. And then we had to have it.”

Michelle Valenti
Finance and Development Manager,American Board of Orthodontics

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In as few as 4 weeks the ROC-P staff can begin the onboarding process with your board and staff, though specific timelines are dependent upon your organization’s specific requirements. As a cloud SaaS (software-as-a-service), ROC-P has an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION FEE. Pricing for ROC-P is based on the number of Active Certificants/Diplomates and your selected features.

There are no hidden charges with ROC-P. After onboarding, your organization will continue to receive the benefits of CONSTANT PLATFORM IMPROVEMENTS and NEW FUNCTIONALITY at no additional cost. Our THOUGHTFUL AND CONSULTATIVE STAFF are ready to walk you through the features and benefits of ROC-P at a time that fits your busy schedule. WE WORK TOGETHER to find the perfect solutions for your organization’s people and data management needs, making A PROFOUND IMPACT ON YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

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