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Certification management made simple for boards, staff, and the people they serve.

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What is ROC-P?

ROC-P is a versatile online certification management system that makes keeping track of your organization’s certification easy. Innovative technology takes what used to be kept across multiple platforms and merges it into one lightning-fast, easy-to-use portal. From applications to renewals, and everything in between, ROC-P makes your certification easy to manage. This transformative software will truly change the way you do business.

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Save Time

  • Quick and secure automated payments, verifications, exam scheduling, and more
  • Flexible settings that are built to fit all your needs
  • Automation and streamlined processes let your staff focus on high-value tasks
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Increase Accuracy

  • Eliminate errors and bad data by entering information only once and using it everywhere
  • Self-management of tracking of certification and renewals
  • Custom-fit application process makes collecting all the necessary information a breeze
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Easy to Use

  • Intuitive interfaces make learning simple
  • Comprehensive onboarding, training, and data import are provided
  • No technical experience needed to use
  • Responsive across all devices
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Simplify & Streamline Your Certification Management System

When it comes to your certification data, you should be able to access it in one fast, accurate, and easily available place. Stop spending valuable time trying to make different systems work for you and let ROC-P help grow your organization while also saving you time and money. With all your data located in one, centralized, secure, and backed-up space, you’ll never have to worry about losing information or not being able to quickly find what you’re looking for ever again.

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ROC-P had everything we were looking for in one place, and even things we didn’t know we were looking for. But once we saw it, we knew we wanted it.

Michelle Valenti | Finance and Development Manager, American Board of Orthodontics


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