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4 Reasons You Need A Certification Management System

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Many boards use a disparate set of systems and processes to manage their organizations and the process of certification management. They struggle to simply keep afloat with all the people and data they need to manage. Survival is the focus, and they often strain to make forward progress and grow the organization, stifled by the weight of all these tasks.

There are four main areas that a certifying board needs to manage, and streamlining these tasks with a Certification Management System (CMS) is the only way to protect and grow an organization.


A certifying board, at the very least, has to find a way to efficiently certify its people. When certification management, re-certification and MOC (Maintenance of Certification) are super-charged with automation and the elimination of manual data entry errors, then the board and staff can focus on something more important - serving people.

There is another category of personal relationships that must be optimized and maintained in a high-functioning certifying board, and that's the relationship between the board and staff. A unified CMS promotes transparency. Board members have direct access to monitor staff activity and the ability to generate instant real-time reports that inform crucial strategic decisions and drive process improvement.

Staff and board members can then communicate directly through the application. No more lost emails and clunky threads across disparate systems. Your people need to be nurtured, because without them your organization will wither out of existence.


People are paramount, and perhaps just as important is the data that is associated with those people. When you are using multiple applications, each hack-able and corruptible in a different way, there is the very real risk that the tipping of a single domino can lead to the crash of your entire organization. Many certifying boards are engaged in an even more precarious process, still maintaining records on paper, which can easily be lost or destroyed. A cloud-based CMS can effectively reduce all of these risk factors.

The stability of your data also needs to be addressed. When multiple people are transferring and manipulating data from several applications, there's no way a director can go to sleep at night with any degree of certainty that the information at their disposal is up to date and accurate.

A cloud-based CMS solidifies data stability, enhances availability - access the application from any electronic device - and can provide robust real-time reporting so big decisions can be made as soon as organizational leaders are ready to act.


When all services and products are maintained in the same user-friendly location, users are more likely to spend money, and organizations become more profitable. A comprehensive CMS can increase revenue channels and therefore grow revenue exponentially in a short period of time.

Even if your organization doesn't choose to expand their product and service offerings, user latency decreases dramatically when users can re-certify or verify through a single-login platform that is constantly available.

A reduction in staff hours spent on low value tasks is just one more profitability accelerant for organizations using a Certification Management System.


Are you storing the entirety of your organization's valuable institutional knowledge in an Access database? When an entry error corrupts years worth of data with a single click, good luck getting someone at Microsoft on the phone to help you save the organization. Clippy, the ancient "help" icon, probably won't recover your data either.

The biggest reason to use a comprehensive CMS, instead of a hodgepodge approach, is the support you receive. It is the large protective blanket that covers all other processes.

ROC-P prides itself on industry-leading customer service. We don't just sell a certification management product, we are committed to the consultative support that satisfies your organizational goals. We help you use the platform to deepen relationships between users, boards, and staff members. We help you discover and activate new revenue streams. We highlight best practices that lead to the most accurate and usable data your certifying board has ever had.

If you are ready to learn about how your organization can reach new peaks of performance in as few as four weeks, contact our staff today to get a demo.

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