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New Program Portal Helps Certifying Boards Work With Institutions

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ROC-P's exciting new Program Portal module makes certification simple for large groups, eliminating pain points for both certifying boards and large organizations looking to register or certify many users at once.

Any successful business grows and thrives based on the trust that is developed between business leadership and it customers. But there are many fields that require an extra level of endorsement in order to maintain the confidence of the public - enter the certification industry.

We encountered a common scenario in the medical and dental industries, where the ROC-P system is currently used to manage the certifications of over 50,000 individuals. Large external groups such as schools or subsidiary boards often needed to execute a large number of enrollments in a short period of time. For example, a school might need to register a big group of graduating students for the same culminating exam. 

In the past this could be an incredibly time-consuming process as each individual would be required to enter their credentials and then wait for a verification that the information was processed by the certifying board. After the individual got a confirmation from the certifying board, then the info would get sent to the group administrator. The group administrator may have to take extra steps after the fact to independently confirm the transaction.

We often found cases where a student would be required to pay for an exam up front, and then pursue a complicated process of reimbursement from their originating organization. This cycle of intermediaries and unnecessary communication would repeat and multiply. As the steps increased so did the opportunities for errors and missed messages, until ultimately everyone involved saw their time, money, and resources wasted.

ROC-P's Program Portal module addresses the problem above and immediately upgrades the efficiency of the Certification Management System (CMS) that already leads its industry.

Increased Efficiency

Bulk uploads allow administrators to simplify their workflow down to a single transaction that is tracked with exacting detail by the ROC-P system. It's never been easier for a program administrator to do business with a certifying board.

PDF invoices are automatically generated within the ROC-P Program Portal module, another time-saving feature that requires zero back-end data manipulation.

Increased Accuracy

Eliminate error-prone manual inputs with a single data upload. Any potential data errors are more easily identifiable with a single point of entry.

Increase Registrations and Certifications

When users are forced to manually input their own registration before forwarding on to an administrator, user latency leads to a decrease in registrations and a decrease in revenue for all parties.

The ROC-P team is constantly improving the system with new and optimized features that increase efficiency and improve data accuracy while contributing to a certifying board's financial success. Contact us today to learn how the Program Portal works with other cutting-edge features to provide certifying boards with the tools they need.

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