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Video Testimonial: ABOMS

Hear from the team at the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ABOMS) about how ROC-P has accelerated their certification management and saved hundreds of hours of work.

Video Transcript:

Erin Killeen, Executive Vice President ABOMS: ABOMS is the only certifying board for oral maxillofacial surgeons. We decided to use ROC-P because we needed a database that housed everything we need, from AR to certification to our daily database.

Raquel Kalfus, Manager, Credentialing Program Operations, ABOMS: Normally it takes about a year to get everyone to register, but now honestly with ROC-P we can get those numbers in quicker. We have higher submissions, and I think a reason why it's higher is because it's more hands-on and it's more user friendly.

Courtney Walsh, Director, Certification Services & Communications, ABOMS: We can send mass blast through them, we can reach our applicants, our candidates, our residents, our diplomates, all at different points in time. If we need a diplomate to maintain their certification, they just log into their profile.

Erin Killeen: We're constantly trying to make sure we're not behind the game—we want to be on the front end of it. With ROC-P, we're able to kind of make changes to make sure we're continuing to go in that direction.

Raquel Kalfus: The mobile app has helped a lot. We don't want to make the process harder for our diplomates. As you know we're always on our phone, we're we live on our phone, so it's like, “Hey, let me apply for the examination committee, I can do that on my phone. Let me do AR, I can do that on my phone.”

Courtney Walsh: We say what we're looking for and they help us collaborate to come up with these ideas to make certification maintenance and board certification something to be desirable and easy for our people that want to become certified.

Erin Killeen: I would recommend ROC-P because they make everything easy for us. We're able to have our applications in one place, our annual registration in one place, our scheduling for our oral exam in one place.

Courtney Walsh: They have been phenomenal—they can speak our language. That's something that we never had before. Before, we had to really articulate what we needed and why we needed. I think what we've learned with ROC-P is they can finish our sentences and it's really incredible.

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