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Video Testimonial: ABPD

Hear from Jasey Bratek, with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, about how ROC-P has helped the organization streamline and accelerate its certification workflows.

Video Transcript:

Jasey Bratek, Certification and Programs Director, ABPD: My name is Jasey Bratek. I work for the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and I'm the certification and programs director. The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry is the only recognized certifying organization for pediatric dentists. Currently, we have about 7,100 certified pediatric dentists, and approximately 500-plus become certified annually.

Prior to ROC-P, ABPD was utilizing multiple platforms for communications, for managing our examinations, our item banking, and that really created issues with data—transferring data from system to system. That was our biggest pain point. We found with ROC-P that the platform really took all parts of certification and put them into one [place], so we were able to use it for our item bank software, our exam management, our membership. Really, it was everything right in one.

The biggest benefit that we found would be just how it streamlined our processes. Staff were able to be more efficient, because they weren’t having to take time to do manual processes—they were able to focus on more because the system was doing it for them.

The advice I would give to somebody that’s looking for a platform would be to really think about your needs, and make sure the system is able to customized to fit your needs. Also think about your future and how you're going to grow and where you may need to be in five years and can that can that platform grow with you.

We have honest conversations [with ROC-P] about our process, how we can improve it, possibly how we can change it to make it better, and that just makes the troubleshooting and solutions that much better.

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