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3 Ways to Make Your Credentialing More Efficient


It’s a simple fact of business: If you have a process to accomplish a task, you are going to have waste. The key to creating a viable, successful organization lies in finding ways to be more efficient every day.

This is nothing new for most credentialing organizations, which are typically not-for-profits accustomed to working under tight budgets and resource constraints. But even when your team is working at full capacity and with highly optimized processes, there can still be waste—it may just be harder to see.

Signs of waste in a credentialing organization can include:

  • Staff members overproducing forms, documents or copies because of manual processes
  • Elevated error rates due to redundancies, copy/paste, multiple files, etc.
  • Extra steps in processes just to satisfy a solo complaint or request
  • Staff members waiting for others to do something, or waiting when they don’t need to because communication has failed
  • Repeatedly asking the same question of users, candidates or certificants
  • Underutilizing internal talent by having them do manual tasks that are not as valuable or productive for the organization.

For organizations facing these kinds of challenges, the solution isn’t adding team members—it’s centralizing and automating your credentialing management, so your team can focus on higher value tasks that actually create growth.

ROC-P can help cut costs, add capacity and automate your credentialing workflows, fundamentally transforming your efficiency. How is that possible?

3 Paths to More Efficient Credentialing Management

Automation has been woven into the fabric ROC-P's Credentialing Core, giving you the most configurable certification and recertification capabilities without custom coding. The opportunities for cost savings are endless the deeper you go into the system, but here are three of the most common ways that ROC-P is saving organizations hundreds of hours each year.

1. Streamlined Applications

Applications are the lifeblood of any credentialing organization, but processing them has traditionally been a slow, labor-intensive process. ROC-P takes this process and automates it, saving literally hundreds of hours in annual administrative costs by:

  • Catching and correcting bad data before staff review is needed
  • Automatically tracking and updating a user’s application and certification status
  • Distributing documentation and information to reviewers automatically, and more.

For a hypothetical credentialing organization processing 500 applications a year, and shaving just 15 minutes of review and administrative time from each one, the time savings can add up to 125 hours alone. That’s over three weeks of work!

2. Improved End User Administration and Support

Handling questions from applicants and candidates can take a lot of bandwidth and create a real bottleneck, limiting your certification capacity. Your credentialing management system needs to take this burden off your team so they can focus on higher-level service.

ROC-P’s intuitive design makes it easier for users to create profiles and track their progress, while limiting the number of inbound queries your team must handle.

For client the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ABOMS), ROC-P has provided numerous cost-savings opportunities, including in managing its annual registration process. While ABOMS used to process registrations all year due to the difficulty of getting users to complete their registration, it can now complete the process by late spring, thanks to its integrated communication and fee collection tools.

3. On-Demand Reporting

Data drives modern credentialing organizations, but many lack the ability to efficiently report on and monitor important numbers, such as:

  • The number of active credentialed individuals
  • Who is recertifying and who is not
  • The number of individuals at each stage of your process
  • Applicant and certificant demographics

ROC-P offers comprehensive, on-demand reporting, thanks to its centralization of your data and reporting templates that can incorporate both internal and external data, such as scores from testing partners. Your team and leadership can get instant reports on everything from user statuses to assessment scoring trends, so you can make important business decisions from a place of knowledge.

If your organization is fighting waste in your processes, it may be time to implement an automated platform that can truly expand your team’s capacity. Reach out today for a free demo and see just how ROC-P can transform your credentialing management.

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