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Credentialing Core

ROC-P's core module centralizes your data, streamlines workflows and makes certification management easy for everyone in your organization.

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Refine Your Organization’s Workflow

ROC-P's Credentialing Core consolidates many of the key administration features and capabilities required by certification organizations, eliminating the need for multiple software programs, accounts and logins. Improve your certification and registration processes, and streamline your communications with this foundational module from ROC-P.

Easy Data Entry

Eliminate errors and incorrect data by only entering information once across the entire platform.

Quick Info

Save time while hunting for member and certification information with easy exports, filters, and reports.


Anyone on your team can use the Certification Core to find the information they need without extensive training.


We’ll uncover what services your organization needs and create a one-of-a-kind portal with just that.

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Core Module Features

ROC-P's Credentialing Core is where you can handle your organization’s most critical tasks, including communication, reporting, registration, and certified individual management. Make it easy for your teams to find information quickly and efficiently, and automate time-consuming tasks so they can focus on your organization’s growth.

  • Comprehensive Pre and Post Certified Individuals Management
  • Integrated Online Payments
  • Primary Source Verification Management and Automation
  • Integrated Email Blasting and Communications
  • Comprehensive On-Demand Reporting
  • Tracking for All System Activity and Audit Logs
  • Continuing Education Tracking and On-Demand Automated Transcripts
  • Exam Scheduling and Registration
  • Annual Renewal Scheduling and Collection
  • Integrated Watchlist System that Continually Reviews Your Data for Issues

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