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How Real-Time Reporting Enhances Certifying Boards

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It wasn’t too long ago that most certifying organizations needed a staff member to check and double-check and triple check multiple applications, paper reports, and other incompatible systems to complete even the most simple verifications. Maybe that’s still the case for your group.

ROC-P is a comprehensive certification management system (CMS) that automates a wide array of reports, each generated in real time, and available from any internet-connected device.

Real-time reporting can lead to a series of benefits that are limited only by your strategic imagination. Here are a few of the most common ways we see this feature helping certifying organizations.

Baby, Come Back

You can reduce re-certification latency by generating accurate information about people nearing a lapse.

An advanced CMS can even be configured to generate automated notifications for certified individuals who are about to see their credentials expire.

Without real-time reporting, staff might waste hours and days contacting people who have already re-certified, or individuals might lapse who would have otherwise maintained certification. This can lead to dissatisfied users and even the loss of revenue as people choose to avoid the hassle and not re-certify.

Retention is always more cost-effective than attraction. Keep your certificants in the fold by identifying their needs and communicating with them early.

I Don't Want to Wait

Having an accurate picture of enrollment levels for your certification exams and other events, in real-time, allows you to prepare adequately for all of your logistical needs, matching examiners and examinees. You can use real-time reports to develop a wait-list and even expand or contract your sessions based on an accurate view of your needs for space, examiners, and more.

In the example of a certifying exam: booking too large a space would be a waste of money, and not having enough space could damage your reputation by creating a negative testing experience. These kinds of strategic decisions could not be made with a high degree of accuracy if multiple non-communicative systems have to be checked and re-checked for data validation.

The Decision

The leaders of certifying organizations are most often busy and distinguished professionals, whether they are a non-profit board of directors or corporate business leaders. These brain-trusts often meet a limited number of times in a calendar year, and if they make strategic decisions based on information that is out-of-date and inaccurate, the entire organization can be cast into jeopardy.

I See You

Organizations are larger than any individual, so no single person should be the sole repository of vital data. By centralizing all data functions and making the information available in real time to a curated group of people, the organization becomes more transparent and problems can be identified, checked, and balanced before they get out of control.

This also becomes a key benefit when leadership and staff at an organization transition out of roles, either planned or unexpectedly. Knowledge gaps are filled more easily when real-time reports based on centralized data are readily available.

ROC-P is the unified certification management system that provides tech solutions that are both cutting-edge and completely accessible to even the most technology-averse staff and administrators. Real-time reporting is just one of many features that makes this CMS the perfect path for greater speed, accuracy, security and satisfactionLet us help you learn more today.

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