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Flexible Modules that Makes it Easy

One of the largest features of ROC-P is that it can be adapted to your organization. Offering a variety of modules, your organization will be able to configure an efficient and secure certification system that can take all the information from a hodgepodge of sources and put it in one centralized space. While it would be next to impossible to list all the various modules and their features, here’s a glimpse into what ROC-P offers:

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Core Module

A configurable central location that works to streamline routine processes, so your staff can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on higher priority items.

  • Comprehensive Certificant/Diplomate, Candidate, and Applicant management
  • Consistent integrated online payments
  • Comprehensive on-demand reporting

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Learning Management Module

Deploy online learning opportunities, ranging from Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) modules, to training, to non-proctored online exams, and more.

  • Easily create learning modules to promote lifelong learning
  • Write case/scenario questions
  • Take exams

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Exam Placement Module

Used primarily for oral exams, or exams where there are examiners and examinees, this module allows staff to quickly and accurately place examinees to examiners, or place examinees to seats for written and oral exams.

  • Comprehensive reporting to determine available examiners during sessions
  • Quickly make changes throughout the placement schedule
  • Make conflicts of interest submissions between examiners and examinees

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Item Banking Module

Allows staff to securely develop exam questions (both written and oral) with a configurable workflow process. When completed, these questions can be assembled into exams.

  • Easy to use item writing with question bank
  • Allow committees to review exams
  • Upload and process scores and question statistics

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Board and Committee Module

Helps increase board and committee engagement by allowing users to organize internal board and committee processes such as scheduling meetings and sharing files.

  • Access important board and committee information
  • Easily control access to information
  • Securely share agendas and files

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Automated Communications Module

Adds automated communications to the certification system. These emails can be scheduled to be sent out automatically on a timed or chronological basis.

  • Simplifies tasks through automation
  • Can be configured to send out on a specific date or repeating timeline
  • Automatically merges with member data for customized messages

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So much of the updating of credentialing materials of the membership, change of address – that sort of thing – I didn’t have to do any of that anymore.

Dr. Thomas Taylor | Executive Direction (ret.), American Board of Prosthodontics

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