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Item Banking Module

Make exam creation and administration easy and collaborative with ROC-P's robust Item Banking Module.

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Build and Give Better Exams, Faster

ROC-P's Item Banking Module is the home for your organization’s exam operations, including question and test building, reviews, and reporting. Staff can develop questions and put them through a customizable review process, conduct non-proctored exams, and analyze the results, all in one powerful module. 


No two exams are the same—tailor ROC-P’s question development workflow to fit your organization’s creative and review needs.

Faster Design

Create rigorous exam questions and share them with others for finalization while documenting the entire process.


Integrated question mapping ensures all necessary topic areas have been covered, eliminating development oversights and lost time.

Easy Scoring

Review committees can easily access completed exams, while automated scoring and analysis capabilities keep your test operations moving.

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Module Features

The Item Banking Module streamlines exam development, testing, and reporting. It’s the powerful, all-in-one-solution for busy certification boards and organizations.

  • Configurable Development and Approval Workflows  
  • Easy-to-Use Item Writing Functionality with Secure Question Bank
  • Comprehensive Versioning, Allowing Staff to See All Changes at a Glance
  • Question Mapping and Exam Analysis
  • Full Online Testing Capabilities for Non-Proctored Exams
  • Robust Review Capabilities for Committees and Staff Members
  • On-Demand Reporting and Statistics
  • Automated Result Letters

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