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3 Credentialing Processes You Can Automate Right Now

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We all want more time, but the problem is, the more energy you spend looking for time, the more you actually lose.

“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Without our science fiction dreams coming true, the only realistic way to find more time is to embrace automation. Innovative technology provides efficient solutions for completing lower-value tasks, a.k.a. busy-work, and freeing up skilled employees to give their attention to jobs that utilize their expertise.

Automation works for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week – even when you’re away from the office. Here are three tasks that certifying organizations can automate today with the help of a Certification Management System (CMS).

Maintenance of Certification

According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), acquiring a customer is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer. While certifying organizations operate on a different model than, say, a retail outlet, there is still a transactional relationship between the organization and a certified individual.

According to the same HBR article, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can impact the bottom line by 25-95%. Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is a certifying organization’s primary retention strategy. It is the mechanism for maintaining a professional relationship with the individual.

Automating notices for MOC deadlines, automating the MOC process, automating payments for MOC – all of these steps make it painless to continue that mutually rewarding relationship.

Controlling Access

Certifying organizations collect and maintain mountains of sensitive data that must be protected to the highest levels of integrity and security.

Security is crucial when it comes to accurately holding records of the individual’s specific competencies and certifications. Those individuals’ personally identifying data points, like addresses, social security numbers, and addresses must also be locked tight, or an organization risks being subject to punitive action.

A personal data breach, like the one experienced by Equifax, can instantly torpedo an organization’s reputation, costing them huge sums of money. The costs levied by a court of law or in a settlement may pale in comparison to the cost of attempting to re-build an organization’s professional reputation.

A fast and simple way to keep your organization safe is to automate security configurations. Innovative technology allows administrators to quickly configure security access to sensitive information using a variety of indicators. Avoid cumbersome and insecure sharing of passwords and using various private sites and file transfer protocols by automating your security process.

Primary Source Verification

I’m certified, now what do I do? Well, you’ll need to tell people about it.

If you’re a doctor, you may need to share the details of certification with a hospital or other governing entity, and similar scenarios stretch across other industries. Unfortunately, those governing entities are reluctant to just trust someone’s word when it comes to qualifications and certifications. This is where Primary Source Verification comes in.

Primary Source Verification is the process by which a non-certifying organization requests information from the credential’s originating source (certification organization), in order to prove the accuracy of the individual’s certification claim.

Automating this process of receiving requests and delivering the necessary information can reduce time spent by up to 75%, and that time can then be spent on the skilled and high-value tasks that grow an organization.

And this is where the true value of automation comes to light. Automating routine tasks doesn’t just make work easier, it is a path to institutional growth.

At ROC-P, we are committed to providing scalable solutions that fit your organization’s present-day needs, while preparing you for a new level of future success. Contact us today to learn how automation, system integration, and cloud-based information management can benefit your organization.

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