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Why ROC-P?

Your data has never been more precise, accessible, or protected than it is with ROC-P.

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At ROC-P, We Know What’s Important

Our professional team understands your organization's multi-faceted needs and delivers innovative solutions to create an unparalleled user experience. Our Certification Management System (CMS) centralizes your data in a user-friendly interface that is constantly available. It works to save your organization time, money, and help you achieve your business objectives and goals.

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  • Pay fees, register, and take exams quickly and easily
  • Conduct hassle-free application and submission review
  • Send and receive bulk communications within the platform
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  • Find incorrect data faster with a Comprehensive Watchlist
  • Discover exhaustive real-time reporting
  • Access helpful audit logs
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  • Replace many incompatible applications with one efficient system
  • Experience smooth and trustworthy payment processing 24-hours a day
  • Track everything, including renewals, payments, and exam registrations
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It's All About the People

At ROC-P we know what’s important. It’s the people. Certification organizations, their staff, directors, and the people they service need to access all their tools and data in one fast, accurate, and highly available place. You are determined to accelerate the growth of your organization, and we share that commitment. When you have a problem, we solve it with innovative technology that anyone can use, regardless of their technical background.

They were very professional, they were very knowledgeable, and they were very personable. It made it a pretty easy decision.

Dr. David Bitonti | Vice President, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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